Guide for Authors


  1. Initial acceptance of the manuscript is subject to preparation of papers according the authors guidelines instructed by Journal editorial board.
  2. The corresponding author of the manuscript must be a faculty member or project owner, otherwise the paper will be rejected without further assessment.
  3. If a student dissertation is used, mention of the supervisor's name, degree, and the name of the relevant university is required and the manuscript is published under the responsibility of the supervisor.
  4. Only manuscripts that have not been published before or are not obliged to publish them elsewhere are reviewed. In addition, manuscripts submitted for publication in the journal should not be submitted simultaneously to the other journals. Submission of statement of originality is required for the authors. 
  5. The peer review results will be communicated with the author/s in two to three months.
  6. Review manuscript can only be assessed if they contain original high quality scientific content.
  7. Received manuscripts cannot be withdrawn.
  8. The journal has the right to modify the manuscripts as far as the scientific content are not affected.
  9. Received Manuscripts will be assessed by the editorial board in collaboration with experts and after the peer review, if revision is required, the decision of editorial board and the reviewers will be communicated with the author/s.
  10. Referencing to the Journal content (texts, figures and tables) is permitted, providing precise citation.
  11. Farsi Manuscripts should include an English abstract.
  12. The final version of the manuscript should be in both PDF and Microsoft Word format. Please take extra care to write all the references according to the recommended format.
  13. If the manuscript is derived from a student thesis, the thesis ID needs to be mentioned.
  14. After receiving the manuscript, an automated email will confirm that it has been received.
  15. The final acceptance of all manuscripts initially accepted from winter 2018 and after that will be subjected to providing an English version of extended abstract.


Please do not include authors' names and specifications in the original file. First, submit the original file of the manuscript. Insert the author's name and information in the “Authors Specification” dedicated file. 


Manuscript format